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SEO For Carpet Cleaners: The Complete Guide

If you’ve come across this article, it likely means you are interested in and open minded to the possibilities that search engine optimization can bring to your business.

Every industry in the world has something to benefit from SEO, and the carpet cleaning industry is absolutely no different.

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SEO is the practice of leveraging the power of the SERPs (search engine results pages) in order to automate and streamline an effortless sales generation system.

Simply put, when you structure your website properly and care for it as you would anything else in your business, it will continue to grow and prove to be one of the most powerful sales generation methods you use.

For example, in our industry (digital marketing as a service), we’ve ranked for several high quality keywords, closing tens of thousands of dollars in sales, gaining clients from all around the world.

Here’s a list of things we would look at while auditing your website:

1. Page Speed

The overall speed of your website is important to optimize in order to get potential clients to keep from bouncing. Bouncing is a term used to describe how quickly a visitor leaves your website.

Part of quality search engine optimization is to keep your visitors from leaving your website quickly. If your website loads too slow, visitors will leave your site prematurely, causing poor bounce rates.

This tells Google “hey, this website is not functioning properly. Visitors are having a bad experience, let’s keep them from appearing for the quality search terms that benefit their business.”

Page Speed vitals are an overall part of what is often referred to as “technical SEO”. Poor page speed can be caused by things like bad code, too many apps/plugins on your website, and oversized images.

Part of what we would do when hired by you to improve your SEO is downgrade image sizes to allow your website to run faster.

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2. On Page Optimization

This is one of the easiest low hanging fruit things you can do to improve the SEO on your website!

On page optimization consists of structuring the keywords in your titles, tags, descriptions, and all web pages on your website to accurately communicate with Google in the clearest way possible.

(This is a completely free tip, and even STILL it is something that is wildly overlooked by your competitors. If you get this right, you are head of 90% of your competition.

SEO is all about communicating very clearly with Google. Google is smart, but they still want you to dumb things down for them. Tell them exactly WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHERE you do it as simply as possible.

Here it is: Service + City = Exact Match.

That’s it. That’s a million dollar tip right there. Again, believe it or not, your competition is likely not using it.

This tells Google exactly what you are and where you do it. An easy way to check whether or not your competition is optimized correctly is by checking their titles and meta descriptions on their website.

Use the Google Chrome extension “Detailed SEO” (download here:

At the top right of your browser, make sure to click the extensions puzzle icon to turn it on


When you’re on a competitor’s website, click the Detailed SEO chrome extension at the top right (as shown above) and you will see a pop up like this:

There are multiple tabs that show you multiple different pieces of SEO info from their website. Here are a few things to note from these folks:

  1. Their title starts off with their brand name, not the exact match (service + city). 
    • This gives us a unique opportunity to beat them right off the bat! Many people do not know to do this.
    • SEO is made up of many simple tweaks and changes like this that can generate millions in revenue for your company.​
  2. They are stuffing multiple keywords in their description to try to rank for multiple types of services.
    • Keyword stuffing is a practice many people still think will get them to rank higher in search engines, though it is completely obsolete.
    • Google is smart and knows it is not natural. Do not try to game the system!​

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3. Off Page Optimization

Off Page optimization consist of the number of quality referring domains and backlinks linking back to your website.

If a high quality website in your industry writes an article containing a link to your website, this tells Google that you are worth talking about, and boosts your overall credibility in the search engines.

Let’s review a little bit of SEO vocabulary here:

Referring Domain – A referring domain is a website that posts a link to your website. Simply put, it is a domain that refers to your website in an article.

Backlink – A backlink is the link itself posted by the referring domain linking back to your website.

Many people think that quantity is more important than quality when it comes to referring domains. This is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! 

Please be careful when choosing what types of links you want referring to your website. This is an easy way to ruin the credibility of your domain.

Pro tip: Do NOT pay for a freelancer on fiverr to find backlinks for you. 

We highly recommend you to hire a professional SEO agency (such as ours) to work with you or at the very least coach you through the process of purchasing these high quality backlinks.

There are an infinite number of high quality domains that are interested in and willing to promote your website on theirs.

We have an extensive network of backlink providers that get us 

extremely high value links, boosting the overall authority of our client’s domains and getting them to soar high in the SERPs.

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4. Google My Business

Hooray! More low hanging fruit that your competition knows absolutely nothing about! 😀

Setting up your carpet cleaning business in your Google My Business listing is absolutely vital for you to beat out your competitors.

We work with lots of contractors, and we often see that they neglect their digital marketing. 

Maybe they are getting plenty of referrals and don’t think they need to expand much larger….maybe they don’t!

That’s totally fine! This gives us the opportunity to dominate the SERPs and claim what is rightfully ours!

Inside of your Google My Business listing, you will see the opportunity to do the following:

  1. Add images
  2. Create “posts”
  3. Add a 360 video of your building
  4. Add products
  5. Add services
  6. much much more!

Google doesn’t give you the opportunity to do all of these things for no reason. This is Google basically handing us instructions on a silver platter saying “if you add all of this information accordingly, we will reward you!”

Part of our job at Search Engineers is to ensure our clients’ GMB (Google My Business) listing is 100% up to par and full of all the necessary information.

We are fully ready and able to flood your company’s website with vetted, viable leads for your carpet cleaning business! Call us now to book a free consultation and find out how we can boost your revenue today! 267-702-4544

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