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Funny enough, I was born and raised in North Wales, so the fact that I’m offering SEO services to local businesses in North Wales now is crazy.


What’s up guys! My name is Matt Abbagnaro, I am the owner and operator of the Search Engineers Marketing Agency.


We are a small marketing agency specializing in video, e-commerce, and local business SEO.


Chances are, if you clicked this article, you are a local business looking to increase your reach online through SEO. Congrats to you for running a successful business and taking initiative to invest in your marketing.


I have some good news and some bad news.


The good news is, local businesses have an extremely unique opportunity to rank their website online quite easily.


Google’s algorithm favors local businesses. If you have a local business address, such as an office building or a store front, Google will favor you in the search engines and give you special treatment.


The only problem here is, if there are lots of businesses offering similar products and services in your area, your listing may be lower in the ranks.


Fortunately, in an area such as North Wales, SEO is an extremely powerful tool for you to use to help rank your website quickly.


North Wales’ markets are not very saturated for most businesses online, and I can almost guarantee that you can rank on page #1 for just about any industry.


The bad news is, if you don’t act quickly, you will miss your opportunity.


The internet is still relatively young, even more so is Google. Google is 23 years old. Think about cars when they were 23 years old. The Ford Model T was created 22 years after the first car was created.


Google as we know it today is the equivalent of what the Ford Model T was to the car industry. Think about that for a second.


If you don’t have the time to learn digital marketing as an entirely new skill, which makes sense if you don’t given that you’re already operating an entire business, we highly suggest you find a skilled marketing agency to outsource to.


We take pride in offering premium SEO services to premium local businesses.

We live in a very unique time in the internet’s life, and there is a booming opportunity for the early adopters and businesses to come take over.


I created a video on YouTube offering 5 top tips for local businesses to begin ranking on Google ASAP. Check that out below.

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