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How Can SEO Improve Your Business?

Online marketing is a confusing world for local businesses. There are so many options and it can be hard to know where to start, what’s worth the money, and who you can trust.


That’s why we created Search Engineers. We’re a team of SEO experts that have been helping local businesses succeed online with our on page optimization, off page optimization services, and Google My Business listing services. Our mission is to help small businesses get found by more customers in their area through exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) services at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or customer service.


At Search Engineers we’ve helped several local business owners increase their organic traffic from Google search results by over 200%. This means more people finding your business online which translates directly into increased revenue – all while saving you time & money!

Search Engineers is a local company that specializes in providing online marketing solutions for small businesses. We offer everything from website design and development to search engine optimization. Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to help your business grow and thrive on the web! 


Lansdale SEO is a dynamic, changing landscape that requires attention, focus, and care. Think of it as a plant… if you don’t continue to give it water, sunlight, and nutrients to survive, it will die. We’ll not only give it what it needs to sustain life, we’ll pump it with fertilizer. 


We also handle all of our clients’ social media accounts so they can focus their time on other aspects of running their business while we take care of the marketing side. Search Engineers will work with you one-on-one until you’re satisfied, guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time. Contact us today for more information, or click the button below!

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This Article Will Cover These Key Points:

Before we jump in, if you prefer watching videos, check out this incredible video (right below this text) which we made covering 5 HUGE tips to help rank you #1 on Google FAST!

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What is SEO and Why Should You Care?

SEO. or search engine optimization, is the practice of making your content/ website “searchable” and visible to as many eye balls as possible.


At Search Engineers, our job is to manage our clients’ content and social media presence to be able to rank on Google with the absolute highest level of effectiveness.


You may not realize it, but all throughout the day, you go online and search for all kinds of products, services, and answers to questions. You search for videos, articles, quick answers, you comparison shop around for the best prices, etc.


If you are a service provider, a local business, or really anyone who offers something to the public, it should be an avid focus for you to constantly try to find the best ways to appear online.


SEO is a long-term game plan that takes a little while to work effectively. Google has built in “human behavior” algorithms that detect the quality of a website, domain, or business. 


That means, if you just started your website 2 months ago, don’t expect to get any real traffic to it tomorrow. If you are in a low-competition area for your market, you may be able to rank quicker than if you were in somewhere like a big city. (Learn more about how long it will take for you to rank #1 on Google by claiming your free SEO audit here).

What Are the Benefits of Having an Online Presence?

By optimizing and growing your online presence, you gain a leg-up on the competition. When someone searches for your goods/services in your area, you’re the first to pop up.


When someone aims to call a plumber, a restaurant to see if they’re open, or searches for a local retail store, the people who are most well optimized online will be the one who wins over that customer.


See for yourself how many monthly searches people make for the terms you’d like to appear for! Just take a look at the data and you will be a believer.


Here is a screenshot of some search engine data from a tool we use called “Keyword’s Everywhere”. 


Keywords Everywhere can find and determine how many monthly searches any given keyword gets on Google per month.


The image below shows the keyword “Philadelphia Roofer” receives 1,600 monthly searches. If an average roof costs around $15,000 (estimated), that’s about $24 million worth of roof jobs every month coming in from digital marketing alone.

How to Optimize Your Site For Search Engines.

In order to effectively compete in the Lansdale SEO landscape and appropriately beat out other businesses in your industry, you need to map out a comprehensive and analytical SEO plan. 


This consists of knowing and understanding the 3 most important sub-divisions of local SEO.


  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Google My Business


Each category requires a practice in and of itself. On page requires keyword structuring, regularly producing content for your customers, and includes some technical know-how.


Off page requires a bit of traditional PR style campaigning. Essentially, we need other high authority websites to talk about us, linking back to our site. Domains that refer to our site are called “referring domains”, and the link itself that is on their site linking back to our site is called a “backlink”.


Lots of our clients don’t even care to know all the ins and outs of search engine marketing, they just want to increase their revenue. We are extremely passionate about this stuff and can go on forever writing an eternally long blog article. Although, if you are less interested in the ins and outs and would just rather have us do it for you, click here to claim your free SEO audit and begin working with us today!

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