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If you are a local business based in Harleysville, PA interested in SEO services, let Search Engineers be your first choice! We are a local company based in the Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, specializing in local business SEO and PPC services. Many times, when we take on a new client, they are incredibly surprised to find out that the digital marketplace in their area is a completely untapped wide open space waiting for someone to claim it.


Harleysville is a prime example of this. Harleysville, PA has over 30-thousand people in the area looking online for many types of services and products from contractors to retail stores every month!


The Harleysville market is very untapped because most local businesses either do not have an internet presence at all or , if they do, their website is not optimized to rank well in the search engines for many of the keywords that potential customers are typing into Google. In fact, most Harleysville businesses have no online marketing at all!


Because most Harleysville companies either don’t have a digital presence or lack an effective one , Harleysville businesses are missing out on a massive amount of revenue. These local companies are leaving money on the table because they have no effective digital presence to help them rank well in the search engines, especially ones that local people use when looking for products or services to buy online.


That goes the same for you and your business. If I type in a search online related to your business/services, how likely are you to appear? How likely is it that if I need my roof fixed, you’re the roofing company I call? If I need plumbing work done in my new home or rental property, how likely is it that your services will appear in the maps? Even if you don’t use the internet much and don’t see the value yourself, the data is clear.

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You’re currently reading this article because we noticed a hole in the game online. We realized that there were barely any local SEO companies that were effectively ranking in the search engines! To make matters worse, the ones that did seemed to be setup poorly online themselves. These companies may be difficult to trust since they don’t seem to have much traction online or any backing by Google or other businesses.


We decided to fill this void by creating a webpage that’s not only informative, easy to understand, and filled with value, it also contains several places for you to contact us and learn more about us. In addition, we made it easier than ever for you to find us. These are the same exact types of services we will provide for you. What better way for us to prove our services work than by demonstrating to you in real time! What do I mean? Well you reading this article is proof. You found us online, and now we can help your customers find you the same way.


We started Search Engineers because we wanted everyone, including Harleysville businesses , to have access to the same type of affordable and effective marketing services that we’ve used to scale our business and multiple others. We will not only increase your organic traffic, but also design a fully integrated marketing campaign to get results fast!


You may be able to sustain your businesses’ life off of referrals, your existing customer base, or just the local supply-and-demand needs, but there’s no telling whether or not that will last forever. We see businesses go from bringing in $600K a year to 10X multiplying to $6M just from effectively building their online footprint.


When you use a search engine, you don’t often think much about what’s going on behind the scenes, but any time you type something in online and make a click, there is a highly intelligent marketing campaign behind the website you clicked on. This is because the website that you click on has to rank well for specific search terms or keywords in order to get business, OR they have a paid search advertising campaign behind them, which still requires a massive amount of planning and executing. When local companies don’t have an online presence, they are automatically losing out on all of this revenue and customers!


Let Search Engineers be your SEO agency. Because we are a local company servicing Harleysville, PA with offices in Philadelphia, PA directly outside of Harleysville , you can rest easy knowing that when you work with us, someone is always available to speak with if there are any questions or concerns. We have services for all types of businesses, including contractors, retail stores, or even e-commerce companies aiming to rank nationally.


We love helping Harleysville businesses grow their bottom line with our effective SEO marketing strategies. Harleysville is a prime example of an untapped market waiting for someone to come in and claim the money. Harleysville businesses are leaving money on the table by not investing in online marketing!


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