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Over the past year, Search Engineers has developed a team of dedicated, successful students.


Through launching tutorials and how-to style drop-shipping content on YouTube, I have been able to connect with like minded entrepreneurs from all over the world.


I currently teach clients and manage ad accounts for e-commerce stores in Australia, Albania, India, Ireland, England, and various parts in the U.S.A.


In September of 2020, my Google Merchant Center store had been suspended. 


I was in shock, it sounds corny but truly I was horrified. I had just launched my first truly successful e-commerce store and was so excited to see an infinite amount of sales and traffic come to my store.


In the flip of a switch, my business was paused. What was the future of e-commerce going to look like? There must have been many others struggling with the same thing, so I took to the internet to find solutions.


From connecting in Facebook groups, reading articles and forums, and watching YouTube videos, I learned that Google started to really put more pressure on new e-commerce stores.


From everything to reverse image searching copied images, to identifying copied descriptions, anything that adds low value in Google’s eyes will be punished accordingly.


This was crazy to me, as my e-commerce store had done 6+ figures in sales. I was worried that I would no longer be able to make money online without Google.


HERE is where I found my solution….


I switched from Google to Bing. Now I know…it’s not as sexy as Google, and it’s only 8% of the world’s search traffic, but here’s my favorite Bing one liner…..


What’s 8% of infinity???


Still infinity. 


I have made high 6 figures in sales on products that Bing’s keyword planner claims only gets 5,000 searches per month. 


If you haven’t already, check out my YouTube channel for tons of free value (start here):

2 Months of Coaching + Course Access

30- 60 Minute Calls Weekly.
$ 1,000
  • Weekly Zoom Calls (30-60 Minutes)
  • Templates, Spreadsheets, Full Market Research Training
  • Full Bing and Google Ads Over-the-Shoulder Training
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Mentorship Community

You Are Well on Your Way to Sales Like THESE!! $$$

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